Living in Danger

Are you in danger?
We know that leaving a relationship can be a very, very hard decision with the amount of time invested with the person. But there is no point in continuing a relation where a person tries to overpower you every time. If a step is not taken on time, the abuse cycle will continue.

We also know there are warning signs that often signal significant danger. Read through the warning signs below. If you feel that several of these signs apply in your situation. We are very concerned about your safety and the safety of your children.

  • Have you just recently separated and/or have a new relationship in your life?
  • Has your partner threatened to commit suicide if you leave?
  • Has your partner ever threatened you with a weapon or threatened to kill you?
  • Has the violence gotten much worse recently?
  • Do you have a restraining order or a supervised access order and your partner does not respect or obey these orders?
  • Has your partner recently lost his job, or is suffering from depression?
  • If you are separated, does your partner continue to harass you, try to contact you, show up unexpectedly at work, at home or where you are in the community?
  • Has your partner tried to choke you?
  • Has your partner assaulted you while you were pregnant?
  • Is your partner extremely jealous?
  • Does your partner have access to or possess firearms
  • Do you fear that your partner will kill you