We can Help

If you are a woman who thinks you might be being abused, the womens Place in St Catherines can help you. You can escape from the nightmare and create a new, abuse-free life with a better looking future with us. Don’t wait no more and call us now!

Are you unhappy in your relationship but not sure if the things he says and does are abuse? Sometimes sticking to the same person in a false hope can be one of the biggest mistakes. Check the page ARE YOU LIVING IN FEAR? for questions to ask yourself about the relationship. Find answers to the different types of abuse, how to know if you are in danger, and what is true or untrue about abuse.

The living in danger section explains all the danger signs of abuse being carried and how you should react when any abuse signal is being carried out.
The myths section addresses all the misconception that women might have related to abuse.  This is very important to read as women may still keep on making the same mistakes again and again!

Contact us now if you anyone that is being abused. We are here to help at any cost!